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Black Magic in the Catholic Church

Using supernatural powers for one’s own selfish gains is called ‘black magic’ and it is exactly what all religions do to get their audiences in and keep them My information comes from reincarnation and a spiritual connection that has led to a commission to expose the lies, tricks, myths, and deception in religion in general and particularly in the western religions started by 666. To know him is to know what he did and why?

The Spirit of the Universe is the only real God but it was hidden, buried in fact beneath a wall of confusion and fiction. It is that wall that started with sun-worship and is continued in the beliefs born of it that was strengthened by Constantine; the second beast described in Revelation 13:12-18.

To know his power and purpose meant being shown his origin as an Amor, the same people who occupied Babylon and who built the Persian Empire. They were the most barbaric of all invaders and their merciless treatment of people was far worse than that of Isil today. In fact they were the original Islamists as this city is the home of Islam, although it pretends otherwise.

The Amors built Roma (reverse Amor) and they brought their black magic to that city. As the Romans they continued their brutal take-over of nations, peoples, and races until their conquests extended to all of England; most of Europe; all of the Mediterranean; the old Persian Empire; and North Africa. In other words, most of the then known world. Only the Vikings and the tribes of Africa prevented it going further.

By the time Constantine arrived on the scene it was ruled by 5 Caesars and was divided into sections. His strategy, which some say he had from the start, was to achieve sole rule over it. Zosoman, a contemporary author, noted that he had a plan in mind from the beginning and the power to do it (cited Huttman 1915). That plan involved black magic.

He was Islamic and when he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD he used the same traditions and beliefs to give it credibility. He forced all to worship the image he put up of Jesus Christ (Revelation 13:12-15) and his brutality is recorded in history, his edicts, and in the diaries and letters of others.

The Vatican, which he built, was his parliament for control of the various nations and people through the black magic they practice.

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