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The Smoke Of The Incense Together With The Prayers Of The Saints, Went Up High From An Angel’s Hand

With five fingers you could hardly hear them in silent shadows somewhere in the dark But the voices were there, diaphanous figures buy herbal incense with wispy hair strangling up the night Angelic muses soft like candy Heavenly words, blissful murmuring, for the persecuted and the forgotten ones They have ventured into spiraling pools, places of respite for those who have lost their words Yet old memories seem to reside in places that others may choose to hide They are the cherub, the spirit, eidolon, seraphim
together in spirit life, a witness to the chaff, the waste, the refuse of the world Allow it to burn so that it may shadow in incense and perfume, redolent at the edge of a lonely street, straying to an abandoned alley just waiting to be burned

Ghost towns have a way with tramps for it is there that good times are often gathered, old friends wrangling on a creative cusp, realities near the border in a project for the moon as there may be so much to see when your limbs are dangling in salt and brine Bring it to the blood as there are few that have been forever circling in twilight, repetition, syllables, pendant cordon, picket lines and barriers wanting to be free Spiritual accords never come easily when there is so much ringing round the mountain top in fright Flat trees, emasculated bees, silent aunts, uncles near the sauce Wake up to all that has been good to you there, in a clash of titans someday there will be a giant response

Gargoyles have been placed in strategic points in grave intercessions down the summit line
There is no denying the ascending ambiance as it may do much to shelter the nature of a common good So be brave, drink it like wine as its medicinal effects may be used to spin your head round a spider in a sultry morning heat Twirling like a top, special grades have been found in the sun and light

Methods to promote transcendent states, enlightenment, movement, motion in the arc of a diver plunging to unknown depths certifications for scuba on petulant nods Dream time for those who like to ripple and wag, real spasms for the monkey chain until a master dies at dawn Virulent flights for pilgrims who proceed toward an acerbic plane, angry placards too sterile to conceal Powerful commanders waiting to be had, fragrant flowers on the upper hand, head start, powers on the threshold advancing on frantic activity, gurus at the nexus, a golden goose laying crocodile eggs, round alligators crying at the altar of an impervious pearly gate

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